The Poquoson Exchange Club general membership meets twice a month on the second and forth Wednesday and the Board of directors meet on the first Wednesday.

One of the Poquoson Exchange Club's primary service projects is building handicap ramps for the community. The club has developed a 3D design program that is available FREE . The software is a plug-in to Trimble Sketchup Make (formally Google Sketchup) which is also free. If any club, organization or individual is interested, check it out here!
Free Rampbuilder Plug-in info

Since 100% of funds raised through public fundraising events are returned to our community, the club supports itself through membership dues, a meeting raffle, and "pay-your-own-way" social events such as our annual Charter Night Banquet. At the Charter Night Banquet, the Exchange Club honors the founders of our club (Charter Members) but the highlight of the evening is the honoring or a special member of our community with the Book Of Golden Deeds

2018 Induction Picnic The 2018 Exchange Club Induction Picnic was a great success. The new Board of Directors was sworn in with Carol Wood as the new president, two new members (Janie Stone and Steve Gieger) were officially added to the club roster, and our first ever dual Exchangeite of the Year was given to Pat Green and Crosby Forrest for their great work on the "Believe in the Blue" project. A special thanks to Ray and Carol Nozynski for hosting this years event

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The Poquoson Exchange Club "Believe in the Blue" Child Abuse Prevention Awareness event at the Poquoson Baseball Complex on April 28th was a great success. .

Believe in the Blue