One of the Poquoson Exchange Club's primary service projects is building handicap ramps for the community.
The Poquoson Exchange Club has developed a 3D design program and we feel that anyone who need a handicap ramp should have free access to this easy to use design tool.
Best of all, the software is a plug-in to Trimble Sketchup Make - a fantastic 3D drawing program which is also free.

Read over the pdf version of the pictorial Users Guide Here- Users Guide
Then download Sketchup Make for installation on your computer at the following location: Download Sketchup Make

When Sketchup is installed, you can download the Rampbuilder plug-in by right clicking on the following link: Download Poquoson Exchange Rampbuilder Plug-in for Sketchup and selecting SAVE Link As.
Save the plug-in to the Sketchup plug-in directory (normally - C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins).
(see the users guide for more information on downloading and saving the plugin.)

We highly recommed that you view the training tutorials provided by Google before you start playing with the rampbuilder program.

Here is a quick video showing the installation of Sketchup and Rampbuilder and the process of actually building a ramp.
Note: There is no talking in the video, just a few notes about the process. Recommend you click the "YouTube" icon to go to YouTube and watch it full screen.